Trusted External Resources

Our network of Trusted External Resources deliver specific expertise
other than our core activities,
and which may be required for certain client projects

Williams & Co

Robert Williams

Managing Partner


Corporate Funding Advice & Sourcing

For over 25 years Robert has advised and worked with businessmen and entrepreneurs in most sectors from biotechnology to manufacturing, engineering and service sectors to nursing homes and the leisure sector.

  • This work has involved:- Advising on selling companies and helping clients buy businesses
  • Turning Around failing businesses.
  • Raising Finance be it debt, equity or even money for property deals.
  • Advising on MBOs and MBIs.
  • Valuing Companies for purposes including sale as well as in Court cases or legal disputes.
  • Giving Directors/Entrepreneurs unbiased, professional business advice based on 25 years business knowledge/expertise.
  • Forensic and investigative accounting for investors/ lenders.

Whether acting as commercial advisor or sometimes as Non Executive Director Robert provides well considered, constructive and informed input.

Robert is also a founding Director of the Funding For Business Network Ltd, (FFBN) who are the fastest growing commercial financial brokerage in the UK. FFBN is a leading and innovative provider of funding solutions for the small to medium-sized business.

The company ethos is to give a discreet and friendly service drawing on years of experience of the directors and on the well trained members of the network.

BDC Moore Ltd

Mrs Sirka Moore

Managing Director


International Business Growth | Export/Import Procedures | Management Coaching & Mentoring | Training | Translation & Interpreting 

Building International Relationships and translating them into Business Growth. BDC Moore has over 20 years of experience of delivering a unique approach to growing your business through the power of relationship-based and people-centred business.development.

Having lived and worked in different European cultures over the years BDC Moore understands and appreciates while we are all basically the same, however, there are still some important differences between our European cultures. This is essential to know and practise if you wish to succeed in Europe and beyond.

Companies using actively foreign language skills increase their Export sales on average by 45%. Only 5% of the world’s population speak English as their mother tongue.

Businesses who export have a 11% higher survival rate because different countries have different economic cycles, i.e. when there is a dip in the UK market the German or French markets could be at a high point and this export business could carry you through an otherwise different situation.

If you are a company in the UK looking to do business in Europe or a company in Europe looking to do business in the UK, HBP working with BDC Moore can help with professional and comprehensive growth support whatever your requirements.

Company Website:

Tamarind Tree Consulting Ltd

Tim Akerman

Managing Director


Manufacturing Process Improvement

Tamarind Tree Consulting Ltd provides process improvement, quality management system support and training, lean six sigma projects and training, and part time technical management support for UK Manufacturers.

Other skills include the development of environmental management systems and product development systems.

In support of this, Tamarind Tree Consulting Ltd holds the following certifications and memberships:

  • Certified Lean six sigma master black belt
  • Senior member of the American Society for Quality
  • 1st class honours degree in Chemistry
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry Chartered Chemist
  • Certified ISO9001:
  • 2015 lead auditor IRCA certified QMS auditor Member of the Chartered Quality Institute

Chartered quality professional Tamarind Tree Consulting Ltd will help and guide clients to create improvement plans, tailored to the clients needs and personalised to their business culture, whilst guiding them through the steps to creating a continuous improvement environment that delivers results.

They can support your business by applying over twenty years experience of technical, project and business management at senior level, including eight years as a director managing, process improvement lean six sigma implementation and training, product development, quality and environmental systems and compliance, internal and supplier audits to ISO9001, ISO14001 and CWA14641, site audits against the European Business Model and to supplier standards for major retailers and FMCG companies.

Embrace HR (Consultancy) Ltd

Emma Morris

Managing Director


Human Resources

Best described as redoutable Emma delivers a pragmatic approach to the effective management of workers so that they help the business to gain a competitive advantage. Her prime objective is to ensure that HBPs clients are able to achieve success through people. 

Core Activities:

  • HR Audit
  • HR Risk Analysis
  • HR Consultancy.
  • Bespoke HR Services
  • HR Training & Coaching
  • investigatory Services
  • Mediation.



Company Website:

Taylors Solicitors

Tony Catterrall

Senior Partner


Intellectual Property Expert Opinion

Tony heads the Intellectual Property team and provides a full range of strategic advice covering intellectual property disputes, contracts and licensing.

Tony delivers astute, commercially driven advice. He is consulted daily on copyright and design right matters and has been involved in a number of high profile cases and is renowned for his innovative and single-minded approach to dispute resolution and is known affectionately to his clients as

“The Magician” for pulling off what others believe to be lost causes".


Giles Lloyd

Head of UK Corporate


Foreign Exchange Transactions | Currency Risk Management

Giles has been operating in this market for 4 years and has worked with mid-size business up to FTSE 250 in helping them mitigate risk from currency fluctuations and Improving their efficiency when receiving and sending out funds also ultimately being more cost effective.

Fluent in Foreign Exchange | RationalFX

Phone:    07949 336 169

Company Website:

M3 Media Publishing

David Lomas

CEO & Executive Editor


Content Marketing | Social Media Engagement | Events for Directors | Marketing Challenge Workshops | Thought Leaders Workshops

M3 Media Publishing is a specialist content marketing group with sector-specific digital magazines, designed to attract and inform a growing online readership and to help businesses improve their visibility and engage with their target audiences.

M3 has its own unique platform of online business magazines, they provide credible, industry-targeted vehicles for business. They position their clients as an expert commentator and provide subscribers with powerful third-party recommendations to appeal to their target audience.



Storytelling is a powerful content marketing tool because it can resonate with people when they focus on the issues and pain points that concern them.


This is where M3 join the dots, creating a digital structure on which to strengthen their clients brand, enabling them to make informed decisions about their prospects and shorten their sales cycle.


M3 runs regular events for business leaders, directors, entrepreneurs and influencers, where they can get involved in dynamic workshops and lively discussions.


M3 hosts regular Marketing Challenge events, where their clients can join in vibrant roundtable discussions and problem-solving workshops, and hear expert marketing tips and ideas.

Company Website:

OwlTree Web Solutions Ltd

Warran Bolton

Managing Director


Web Design | Web Development | Web Strategy | Social Media Strategy

Their consultative approach is the very strength of OwlTree and every client receives one to one service from beginning to end.

Owltree support their clients at all times not just up to the launch and great importance is placed on developing long-term relationships.

They research, design, develop, promote and support throughout the whole process.

Company Website:

Owltree Web Solutions Ltd

David Evans

Design Director


Graphics Design | Branding

In our view, David is the best graphics designer and branding adviser we have ever met.

He was responsible for all our graphics and branding.

The business cards he designed for us always receive powerful and positive comments.

Photography For Industry

Adrian Waine



Industrial Photographer

Arranging and creating high quality photography for businesses ranging from transport to factories & process plants.

Adrian won the EEF “Manufacturing Photographer of the Year Award” in 2017 & 2018 with his photographs for Atlas Copco Compressors and DuPont Personal Protection. His skills lie in transforming the most ordinary of everyday subjects into striking images which are commissioned for annual reports, printed literature, case studies, web sites and backdrops for clients at industrial exhibitions.

Adrian works with a cross section of clients ranging from SME’s to international companies who have a presence on every continent and are world leaders in their field of expertise - this might be compressed air or surface finishing or heat treatment.

His industrial background was seasoned through his tenure with Saudi ARAMCO in Dhahran 1988 - 95 where he was staff photographer. Assignments covered the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and included projects ranging from housing to hospital recruitment & the expansion of Ras Tanura Refinery.

Nowadays, his photography is an essential ingredient for industrial clients who are involved in manufacturing or service industries. Having stunning imagery to promote a company is vital to creating a positive impression.

Company Ethos :

The aim is to work with clients who recognise that commanding images are a benefit to them by creating an impression on their market place and in helping them prospect for new business. Working with businesses who are “going places” is key since they commit to recognising professional photography as a key tool to them achieving success. The mission is to supply great images on every assignment through lighting and the handling of each subject.

Adrian has an extensive gallery of images available for viewing. These include a selection of subjects capturing shot peening, glass bottle manufacturing, rare earth metals & camper vans.

AFT Assist Ltd

Gary Whitehead

Managing Director


Personal Guarantee Insurance

Personal Guarantee Insurance has been designed to give Directors the confidence to do business, focus on growth objectives and protect their personal estate.

Scope of cover:

Personal Guarantee Insurance is available for Personal Guarantees provided against a wide range of business loans:

Secured loans

(where the lender has a charge, debenture or right of title against business assets) which typically include:
• Asset finance
• Commercial mortgages
• Invoice finance

Unsecured loans

(where the lender does not have a charge, debenture or right or title against business assets) which typically include:
• Credit cards
• Overdrafts
• Peer to peer loans
• Short-term working capital loans
• Other unsecured loans

Multiple guarantees?

AFT Assist can include multiple guarantees on your policy if you have two or more guarantees in place.

More than one guarantor?

Where the personal guarantee has been signed by two or more Directors “jointly & severally” AFT Assist can include additional Directors on your policy.

Gary Whitehead
M: 07764 167 530 DL: 01772 644 937

Company Website:

Friday Media Group

John Carroll

Sales Manager


Multi-Sector On-line Job Boards

Every one of their job boards serve a niche sector, that often requires staff with certain skill-sets in order for them to excel. This is why they, and many of their customers around the globe, love the Simply brand because they attract high quality candidates, that have affiliation and experience within their sector.

Many of their job boards are market leaders and serve job seekers and employers as far as the Middle East, America and throughout Europe. Combined, their recruitment sites showcase over 15,000 jobs across the globe at any one time.

We know from experience their recruitment sites are the best choice.

EC Outsourrcing

Nathan Cumiskey

Sales Manager


Contact Centre Specialists

EC Outsourcing offer a variety of services from 200 seat campaigns to six seat campaigns.

EC understands the difference between B2C and B2B, down to agent characteristics and data profiling, to time of day dialling based on SIC code. These are all elements that EC have finely tuned over the past four years.

EC has successfully partnered with multiple B2B companies and delivered sales, appointments and lead generation.

Penguin Private Investigations

Jonathan Lobb

Founder & Managing Partner


Expert Private Investigator

Jonathan Lobb (Detective Sergeant Rtd) has 24 years associated with both Lancashire & Greater Manchester Police.

He has gained a great deal of knowledge and practical experience working with the Intelligence Unit in many criminal investigations, which included organised crime groups.

He is adept at tracing missing people, debtors, witnesses and investigating fraud and criminal matters.

Understand Business Ltd

Richard Stone



The Latest Business & Financial Modelling Solutions with BI Dashboards

Richard builds customised Business and Financial Modelling solutions which are a bespoke presentation of business data and relationships to provide clear insights into the drivers of business performance.

Each solution uses advanced simulation software to embed mathematical algorithms that deliver a quantitative analysis.

This highlights the sensitive areas within the business and leads to better informed decisions.

Richard’s solutions surpass financial accounts or forecasts because they are based on historical information and data, his solutions measure operational performance and use the simulations to identify the sensitive areas which should receive the most attention.

These solutions also include Business Intelligence (BI) which is a suite of powerful business analytics tools that can be programmed to automatically combine and analyse many sources of data to put a "thumbprint" on the business and share insights with decision makers.

BI dashboards provide a 360 degree view of a business that shows their most important metrics in one place.

There are many additional benefits, including real time updates. availability across all devices, and allowing users to click to explore the levels of information behind the dashboard. Instant, easy and intuitive.

Reporting tools based on BI software allow the integration and manipulation of data from multiple sources all combined into powerful reporting across multiple devices.

Aqueous Digital

Jonathan Guy

Managing Director


Search Engine Optimisation

Aqueous Digital is an award winning Digital Marketing Agency based in the North West of England, that offers professional Digital Marketing services, at a personal level.

We work in partnership with our customers and take a collaborative approach to our work, so we feel like an extended part of your team, and because we are specialists in what we do, we work at the cutting edge of our industry’s knowledge and best practice.

At the core we are a digital marketing company, offering a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Our focus is on improving both on-page and off-page elements for a better user experience and better search engine optimisation.

Our Company Ethos

Everything we do is built on trust. From trust, we grow success for our customers and for ourselves.

Our ethos is simple; we’re passionate about helping businesses become successful and keeping ahead of the competition. Our success is built on honesty and transparency and we are fully committed to helping customers, no matter how big or small, to achieve their goals. These values underpin everything we do.

Data Bubble

Steve Clayton

Managing Director


Email & Direct Mail Lists Providers & Fulfilment 

Supply GDPR compliant, clean & accurate data for your marketing i.e. Direct Mailing, Telemarketing & Email marketing campaigns – in simple terms, an Excel spreadsheet with a list of all your ideal contacts.

Company Website: