Our Process

We have over 25 years experience of helping companies discover additional profits which were hiding in plain sight. We then customise, implement, measure and sustain the required changes which produce increased profits.


We believe that it is critical to discover our clients' requirements and the challenges they encounter on a day to day basis. We call this our discovery and due diligence process.

We must also ensure that our clients are committed to truly embracing change.

Please note that we will only take you on as a client on the basis that we can justify an acceptable return on your investment with us.


To enhance our discovery and due diligence process, we have developed a no-cost, no obligation, Hidden Profit Discovery Tool.  Our proprietary tool asks questions which decision-makers may not have previously considered; there are various answer options for each question. 

A prognosis report is generated and details the specific areas for potential profit improvement

Users can also benefit from a no-cost, no obligation de-briefing using our secure video link, to discuss the prognosis and how we can help you capture the increased profits.

If you want to discover & capture additional profit opportunities that are hiding in plain sight, there are no shortcuts, but there is a step by step process in order of priority.


DISCOVERY Use our no charge, no obligation Hidden Profit Discovery Tool, to identify where the red lights are that restrict or prevent your profit making process.


DESIGN IMPROVE IMPLEMENT process improvement & change for the better the behaviour of people who operate the processes. Involves customised process re-engineering, training to improve skills, implementing KPI reporting and creating sustainability strategies.


MEASURE & SUSTAIN the improvements, because without measuring and sustaining changes for the better, all of the above is a complete waste of time. Involves training management to deliver weekly, fully customised, KPI reports to senior decision makers. 

Example of a report generated by the Hidden Profit Discovery Tool.

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