Human Psychology & How To Understand The Buying Motives Of THe Customer

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Guaranteed to change perceptions about how to sell professionally ...
or your money back!

Fee: £197 + VAT per delegate, minimum 20 delegates. 

Duration: Start 10:00 am  |  Coffee 11:00am - 11:15 am  |  Lunch 12:30 am- 1:30 pm  |  Tea 3:00 pm - 3:15pm  |  Finish 4:30 pm.

Who should attend: Directors & Senior Managers.

Dress code: Normal working attire.

What's included
+ Comprehensive manual to enhance the self-learning process
+ End of course exam to prove that the change driven process has already taken place  
+ One hour post course business development consult using Skype
+ Lifetime free support via video link, should a delegate need help.

Pre-course: All delegates are psychometrically profiled and de-briefed individually during breaks. 

+ Interactive; the coach talks with not at.
+ Challenges the delegates perceptions.
+ Answers questions using roleplays.
+ Highly inspirational and intense learning experience.

About the coachClick here.

Points to note
The need to take notes has been minimised because a comprehensive manual is provided at the start.
This is an open course, a wide selection of companies in various market sectors will be attending. 

Course Content

  1. An exercise in lateral thinking
  2. Understanding what must be changed.
  3. The areas of activity within any business that must be examined to bring about improvement.
  4. How the customer has evolved into an educated & sophisticated customer.
  5. Justifying the 1st law of selling.
  6. How to identify a professional person.
  7. Examining a typical salesperson/customer interaction includes who is usually reactive and how to put the initiative in what was previously perceived as the wrong direction.
  8. The effect of timing during the sales process.
  9. Understanding the model of human behaviour.
  10. Examining the differences between the customer’s objectives and the salesperson’s objectives.
  11. Justifying the 2nd law of selling.
  12. How to establish the trust of the customer.
  13. Justifying the 3rd law of selling.
  14. Learn how to deliver a professional, spontaneous habitual approach.
  15. Peak Performer, understanding who the best salesperson is and why. How to overcome the programmed inhibitions of the customer.
  16. Examining the strategies the customer subconsciously uses to control the sales process and how salespeople can now maintain control in a helpful and friendly manner.
  17. Justifying the 4th law of selling.
  18. The secret of successful selling.
  19. Justifying the 5th law of selling.
  20. Examining how different people make friends with others and how to develop improved techniques.
  21. Why face-savers must be deployed in the sales process.
  22. Why you must stop reading self-help books on how to close sales and learn a new and easy to use, 3 step process.
  23. Learn how to overcome objections.
  24. Defining self-esteem.
  25. Understand why negative energy is present in a frighteningly high percentage of salespeople and how to prevent the virus of negativity.
  26. Justifying the 6th law of selling.
  27. Learn how to unlock the power most people don’t know they have.
  28. Justifying the 7th law of selling.
  29. Defining why sales is not a game of chance and how our structured sales process will achieve high-performance sales conversion ratios at maximum profits per transaction.
  30. Q&A Session +
  31. How to professionally re-engineer any sales processes. More information.
  32. Definitions for any business. (click here)
  33. Why we say ... What gets measured gets managed gets done. More information.

To find out more
Please contact Harry Le-Moine
Mobile: 07590 279395  Direct Line: 01772 426135 Email: (click here)

Additional & Linked Master Classes

  • For confidentiality reasons, these Master Classes are only available to a specific company, these are NOT open courses.
  • Delegates must have attended the above master class and achieved a minimum exam score of 75%.
  • Apart from the Company Specific Sales Training, they are available as one day on-site sessions or remote short multi part sessions using Skype and customised course work at a reduced cost, to help smaller companies/businesses to benefit from high end management consulting expertise. 

How to reengineer your sales process to achieve higher conversion ratios and increased profits

  • This is our recommended starting point for companies that are motivated to increase sales and profits.
  • There is no point in training salespeople to sell until the sales process is engineered to deliver the best possible conversion ratios at the highest profit per sale.
  • And there is no point ensuring that a company is measuring the correct metrics until the sales process has been engineered to deliver the best possible conversion ratios at the highest profit per sale.
  • A company must be committed to the steps shown here in order to reach their destination of excellence, miss any of these steps out and they may ever arrive.
  • FEE £1,200 + vat + expenses for on-site or £600 + vat for remote multi part using Skype. 

How to create your own Marketing & Sales KPI Reporting Solution

  • Delegates must have a good understanding of Microsoft Excel.
  • What gets measured gets managed gets done.
  • Running a sales department or indeed a business, without deploying KPI reporting solutions, should be likened to flying a plane without radar, over hilly terrain, in low cloud, because it will probably crash.
  • To get ideas about what you will learn click here.
  • Subject to the company size, once a marketing & sales KPI Reporting Solution has been created in Excel as a working model, we can also create fully automated cloud based solutions.
  • FEE £1,200 + vat + expenses for on-site or £600 + vat for remote multi part using Skype. 

Company specific sales training

  • Customised sales process reengineering that includes sales training.
  • Includes on-site discovery and due diligence with directors/decision makers to establish what must be improved before course content is constructed.
  • Includes all of the content shown here. (click to find out more).
  • an include on-site implementation with the coach.
  • Includes sustainability strategies to maintain improved performance.
  • Includes training for sales management to achieve high performance sales.
  • Includes customised Marketing & Sales KPI Reporting Solution to align with the reengineered sales process.
  • Includes draft job descriptions for sales managers and salespeople to align with the reengineered sales process.
  • FEES subject to client requirements, usually on a total cost split into a monthly retainer basis. 

To find out more
Please contact Harry Le-Moine
Mobile: 07590 279395  Direct Line: 01772 426135 Email: (click here)

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