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On 24th June 2019 HBP (Hidden Business Profits (HBP) and Greg Rigby founder of The Sales Clinic, announced a Strategic Alliance to deliver a unique new service for our clients.

Greg Rigby was Managing Director of Pendle Consultants Ltd, was a founding director of CRT Group PLC (re-branded to Spring Plc)  and more recently set up the Sales Clinic’ online.

In his retirement, he has developed a special service for clients whose turnover is linked to their handling of incoming telephone enquiries.

  • Greg first agrees with the client the key criteria and the process which the caller handler is expected to follow.
  • Greg is then sent the recordings of 5 calls for an agreed number of call handlers.
  • Each call is then analysed and summarised against a pre-agreed format such as the one below and the call is scored – a compilation for each handler follows.
  • A summary is compiled of all the handlers and a report prepared, giving recommendations for improvement.

In conjunction with this report, Managing Partner Harry Le-Moine (HBP) is able to insert the data into a unique free to use, online Hidden Profit Discovery Tool. This proprietary technology asks questions which decision-makers may not have previously considered. It also produces a prognosis report and details specific areas for profit improvement.

Both Greg Rigby and Harry Le-Moine, are dedicated to providing simple, easy to implement solutions which will drive client’s profits forwards.

Harry Le-Moine stated at  a recent interview

“HBP UNLIKE MOST Management Consultancies because we don’t talk and report -
we help out clients to; discover, implement, measure, improve and sustain.
We will only take new clients who wish to find and implement a quality solution.”



Greg Rigby confirmed;

“If they have taken the trouble to call us,
the least we can do is make it easy for them.

They must end up being pleased that they called us!”




If you want to know how easy or difficult it is for your customers to speak with your sales team, perhaps you could call your own company as a customer or if you think your voice will be recognised
we can do it for you and record the conversation for you and make it available for you to listen to ... free and without obligation.

As you would expect, we are experts at telephone mystery shopping exercises.


For More Information
please contact Harry Le-Moine

Mobile: 07590 279395 Direct Line: 01772 426135 Email: (click here)

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