Our Referral Programme

Introducers & Referrers Wanted

Here is how it works:

  • Refer any business of any size in any sector to interrogate our website before speaking with us.
  • Then use our no cost no obligation Hidden Profit Discovery Tool to reveal where the red lights are that restrict or prevent their profit making process.
  • Our proprietary tool asks questions which decision makers may not have previously considered. There are various answer options for each question. A prognosis report is generated which details the specific areas for profit improvement. The user can also benefit from a no cost no obligation debrief using Skype, to discuss the prognosis and how we can help them capture the increased profits.
  • Should HBP subsequently secure the potential client, the introducer or referrer will receive up to 20% of every invoice for the life of the client.
  • You get paid by bank transfer, on receipt of your invoice, the same day we get paid … it’s that simple.

Want to know more?here are your next steps:

  • Interrogate our website and make notes of any questions which you may have.
  • Call our Managing Partner Harry Le-Moine (H) to introduce yourself. Or email him (click here) to request a callback.
  • Ask ‘H’ any questions which you may have. He will also give you a demonstration of how our Hidden Profit Discovery Tool works using Skype screen share so you have the confidence in our expertise and our ability to deliver.


  • HBP’s Hidden Profit Discovery Tool is a secure, easy to use point and click cloud-based solution.
  • Our proprietary Tool has taken over 3 years of development and testing with real businesses ranging from £150k - £50m annual turnover.
  • You can review an example prognosis report shown below; the index is interactive.
  • Our average yearly invoice values range from £20k - £100k+ bearing mind that we only take on new clients on the basis that we can justify an acceptable return on their investment with us which means that a decision maker has nothing to lose by contacting us.

To find out more

please contact Harry Le-Moine
Mobile: 07590 279 395 or Direct Line: 01772 426 135 or Email (click here)

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Example of a report generated by the Hidden Profit Discovery Tool.

The index is interactive