RationalFX have formed a Strategic Alliance with HBP

RationalFX has formed a Strategic Alliance with Hidden Business Profits (HBP).

HBP’s Managing Partner Harry Le-Moine said that this alliance will enable us to focus on helping out clients generate additional profit and we can let RationalFX do all the hard work by making international payments easy secure and cost effective. Importing and exporting will soon become even bigger post Brexit, especially when British companies import goods for manufacturing and re-export the goods in the finished product.

HBP are on a mission to help British Manufacturers become more efficient and profitable. Since 1994 HBP has been helping companies of any size in any sector discover, capture and sustain the additional profits, that are many times, hiding in plain sight. HBP will soon launch a new initiative to help British Manufacturers improve efficiency and generate additional profit. Our strategic alliance will enable our client base to benefit from smarter cross border payment solutions. We will be using our proprietary, cloud-based Hidden Profit Discovery Tool to start the dialogue with potential new clients.

This unique free to use service asks questions which decision makers may not have previously considered. It is quick and easy to use with a simple point & click multiple choice answer options. A report is generated which will discover the areas to increase profits and help our clients understand how to capture them on a sustainable basis. This unique online tool works particularly well for manufacturers.

With both business and retail consumers are demanding a greater range of products, manufacturers must address these demands in order to remain competitive. While this is great for the consumer, this exposes businesses to greater risks that can have significant impacts on profitability. RationalFX have a suite of solutions to help businesses manage and minimise their exposure to the volatility of currency markets, giving them greater control over their finances.

Whether our clients are making infrequent or regular payments, RationalFX will work with our clients to devise a strategy that protects and enhances their business … and they will even provide International money transfers to over 50 currencies worldwide.

Our Deliverables:

  • Increase sales.
  • Reduce Marketing costs per sale.
  • Create customised automated KPI reporting solutions.
  • Maximise profits.
  • Develop the core skills of management.
  • Create internal momentum.
  • Develop enhanced recruitment skills to find and keep good people.
  • Use the power of psychometric profiling.
  • Improve import/export processes and procedures.
  • Secure funding for expansion or turnaround.
  • Foreign Exchange facilities with a service that is highly competitive.

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