Psychometric Profiling

DiSC based psychometric profiling provides people assessments which empower business leaders to transform the performance of their teams and individuals and deliver an immediate impact on their organisation.

DiSC gives you insight into your staff, what motivates them, their core strengths and limitations, and their potential and add a high level of certainty to all people-related decisions.

Hidden Business Profits, will help you to very rapidly understand which of your people are right for development and it will enable you to give your recruitment and employee development programs more impact by identifying an individuals strengths and limitations and by pinpointing their specific areas for development.

Principle Uses of DiSC Psychometric Profiling:

* Powerful, accurate tool to establish work related characteristic traits of any individual.

* Recruit the right person.

* Put teams together.

* Identify areas for improvement.

* Motivate individuals as individuals to bring out the best in them.

* Reverse engineer the profile to determine ideal characteristic traits before recruiting.

* Enhance the recruitment process.

* Reduce cost per recruit.

* Minimise staff churn by identifying the right individual for the job.

* Significantly speed up the recruitment process.

* Use as a platform for benchmarking.

* Use during performance reviews.

* Management Audit.

* Sales Audit.

* Admin Audit.

* Technical Audit.

* Training needs analysis.

* Develop a customised interview questionnaire.

* Identify strengths and weaknesses.

* How to manage individuals.

* It takes 10 minutes to complete.

* And only takes us 2 minutes to analyse for a quick heads up report. Detailed reports take longer to produce.

We train people to deliver Psychometric Profiling.

We prefer to use the term, Psychometric Profiling as opposed to Psychometric Testing because it is not a test. There are no right or wrong answers.

If you would like to know more about how Psychometric Profiling can significantly improve your recruitment and people development processes:  Click here.

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