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Every professional sports person has a professional coach and we believe the same should apply to any company.

Very few people go on to play their sport at a professional level, but in order to do so, they require a significant amount of talent, motivation and dedication.

Professional coaches identify the gaps in their trainees needs or wants. They do this by asking for more intentional thought, action and behaviour changes.

Our experience has shown that our clients have benefitted from understanding and using motivational messages as part of their everyday working lives.

In June 2018 Bill Gates once said … “everyone needs a coach” he went on to say …

When you think of the word ‘coach’, you’re most likely to think of a sports coach, right? After all, sport is an important part of Australian culture. Most weekends (and even during the week), we’re either playing it or watching it. And all sporting teams and individual athletes — regardless of whether they are playing at a professional level or not — have a coach.

What is a coach?

There are many definitions of ‘coach’, but this one sums it up pretty well: “A coach supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance.” When we want to improve our performance in a chosen sport, or even make changes to our health and fitness, we don’t think twice about hiring a coach. We even seek the help of qualified counsellors if we’re experiencing relationship problems.

So why aren’t we hiring someone to help us along with our careers?

Are Coaches for everyone in business?

The short answer is, many of us feel that hiring a career coach means that something is wrong with us. We may feel that we’re somehow ‘failing’ if our career isn’t taking off or we are not enjoying our work as well as we had hoped. Hiring a coach means we’re admitting we don’t know everything — and that can be a blow to our ego.

But getting expert help is something that all successful people do. Those who succeed know that in order to be their absolute best, they need to be constantly improving. And to improve, they need to learn new skills, change the way they currently do things, or change the way they look at things. Coaches add so much value, that even the most successful entrepreneurs use them.

High-flyers are not the only ones who use coaches. Many senior executives in top 100 companies use coaching to lift their performance. So, if using a coach is good enough for a top executive or athlete, then surely those who are still on their way to the top can benefit from one. Many people at all levels of organisations use coaching when they are in transition or planning a career move to clarify their goals and focus on the skills they need and the actions they have to take to make the next step in their career.

What is a career coach and how can they help me?

But what exactly is a careers coach? And how can they help us?

The International Coach Federation defines coaching as: “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex environment.”

Career coaches are also referred to as career development practitioners. When you partner with them, they can help you to:

  • Discover what you really want to do in terms of work
  • Identify your unique personality and personal motivators
  • Help you understand your unique strengths and how to use them
  • Clarify your career direction and identify knowledge gaps
  • Help position you for career success in a permanent role or in the gig economy
  • Improve your self-belief and confidence
  • Improve your networking and career search skills
  • Help you become a better leader
  • Improve and build your relationships
  • Follow a career that, uses your strengths, is engaging and meaningful.

Working with a career coach will also improve your productivity, increase your satisfaction with life and work, and will help you achieve your career goals.

We invite you to review the Motivational Messages which we use and our clients use every day.

Step 1: Turn the sound up. The music is very appropriate

Step 2: Click here to view on YouTube.



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