Manufacturers, are you leveraging the post-Brexit opportunity which now presents itself?

There is now a once in a generation opportunity for Great Britain’s Manufacturers to leverage the potential created from recent political events

…in order that they become great again.

HBP has teamed up with Manufacturing Matters Magazine (part of the M3 Media Publishing Group) to deliver the M3 Manufacturers Improvement Initiative.

What is the M3 Manufacturers Improvement Initiative?

This is an initiative driven by a number of significant players in the Manufacturing sector that want to stimulate improvement or changes for the better in certain core activities.

Part of the process of improvement includes a focus on Thought Leadership as a way of differentiating for your business.

Why is Thought Leadership so important?

Thought Leaders are recognised experts within their particular sector. This gives them the ability to a powerful impact on their business, workforce and customers.

What is the format of the M3 Manufacturers Improvement Initiative?

By invitation-only, a maximum of 24 directors of qualifying manufacturing companies and invited guests meet every 2 months in Manchester, to learn new ideas and insights from within and outside the manufacturing sector.

Who is the target audience for the M3 Manufacturers Improvement Initiative?

  • You must be a director of a manufacturing company, North West based.
  • You must employ 10 or more people + directors.
  • You must have an annual turnover of £2m +.

If you are a manufacturer looking to capitalise on this initiative by attending one of these events as my guest please contact me.

Contact Harry Le-Moine
01772 426 135 or 07590 279 395 or Email (click here)

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