Sharing Files Using Your Office 365 Account

Following our recommendation, many of our clients now use Office 365, however, some have struggled to share files with others. Here is are simple step by step instructions.


1.  Log in to your admin portal.
2.  Select Settings.
3.  Select Sharing select edit, then make sure the toggle is set to on.
4.  Underneath the toggle select Site settings.
5.  Check anyone including anonymous users.
6.  You can also set a time limit for sharing.
7   Save and close.

Sharing Files

1.   Open One Drive.
2.   Check the file or folder which you want to share. You will see a blue tick icon to the left of the appertaining file.
3.   To the right of the file name click the share icon.
4.   Enter the email address of the individual which you want to share the file with.
5.   Click the icon underneath.
6.   Click copy link found bottom right of the box.
7.   Now open a new email using your email software.
8.   Copy link for sharing.
9.   Send the email.
10. Only an individual with this link can access this file or folder.


It is better to share folders or files using your Admin Portal as opposed to sharing a folder or file using your PC’s windows file explorer.

Also, you are better copying the link rather than using the email option from the Admin Portal because this only uses Microsoft Outlook and you may not be able to send an email using a customised signature.


1. If you are sharing specific files with specific individuals I suggest you create a dedicated folder for sharing files in windows explorer.
2. Copy the file you want to share and paste it into this dedicated folder.
3. Rename the file to either the individual or the company.
4. This way you will always have an original copy and a separate copy which users can use as they see fit.
5. When the individual uses this file they will not require any Microsoft application resident on their hard drive because they will be using your applications via Office 365.
6. They do not even need to save their work, this is done automatically.

Instructions for the individuals to access the shared file

  • You will receive an email which contains a link to access the file. I may arrive in your Junk Folder.
  • Click the link, which should automatically open in your browser, then follow the onscreen instructions to receive an access code by email.
  • You will instantly receive another email with the access code.
  • Enter the access code.
  • You will instantly access the shared file. You can edit, enter text or numbers. The file automatically saves any changes. 

If you are unable to figure this out call me, we can set up a Skype then you can screen share your Office 365 Admin Portal I will talk you through the protocols.

When you have done it once, it is only a 5 second exercise to share any file with anybody without them having Microsoft Office applications on their hard drive.

This is very useful when sharing Excel files that have advanced functionality or Power BI files with someone who uses a Mac or those who do not have the latest versions of any Microsoft Office application

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