Hidden Profit Discovery Tool

Why we created our Hidden Profit Discovery Tool


Founded in 1994 HLM Consulting rebranded to Hidden Business Profits (HBP) in 2018, to reflect a more comprehensive business offering.

HBP is Business Development & Implementation Consultants which help any business of any size in any sector discover and capture additional profits which are hiding in plain sight. (read more)

HBP always starts the dialogue with potential clients with our unique Discovery & Due Diligence Process. This involves us asking decision makers questions which they may previously have not considered.

Points to consider

A doctor's good health report follows diagnosis and prognosis. It is the same with any commercial entity.

We know from experience that in every business, whether it is highly successful, producing average results or just ticking over, there are almost always increased profits, hiding in plain sight.

Challenges which we had to overcome

  1. Almost all of our previous new clients did not know they had areas for potential profit improvement until we approached them, or they had been referred to us.
  2. Extensive research using Google AdWords reveals that the appropriate keywords are not be searched in any significant volume, which supports (1) above.
  3. Most decision makers dislike being sold to and most have ‘gatekeepers’ to protect them from unsolicited cold calls. We must make it easy for them to approach us.
  4. By far the biggest majority of UK decision makers are reticent to embrace changes for the better and fear being accused of failure when areas for improvement are identified. Our approach offers help not criticism.
  5. A high percentage of potential clients have an accounting acid test ratio of less than 1.0 indicating that the business is not maximising their return on capital employed.
  6. A large percentage of UK companies do not use effective KPI reporting for the following reasons. (click here to find out why)
  7. A high percentage of UK businesses dislike Management Consultants because in general terms they talk a lot, produce lengthy reports for which the charge absorbent amounts of money and rarely implement and sustain anything. (click here to find out why we are different)

The Future

With the rise in software technology, enabling cloud-based solutions, HBP has developed a free, no obligation Hidden Profit Discovery Tool to identify areas for profit improvement.

This works for any business or company of any size in any sector.

It is quick and easy to use when finished, users will be emailed a link to a short no cost no obligation report including an initial consultation via Skype to explain the prognosis.

Proof of concept

HBP has developed and tested proof of concept for our proprietary Hidden Profit Discovery Tool using the advanced functions of Microsoft Excel 2018, Microsoft Power BI, Conditional Formatting & Power Pivot.

Below you will find a report for a company which manufactures glass fibre products from glass fibre fabric, they employed 22 people, with an annual turnover of £1.75m.

Click here to see an anonymous report

Testing has also been carried out with a wide select of businesses ranging from £150k – over £150m annual turnover.

Features and benefits

F: Free and without obligation to use.
B: Nothing to lose and every to gain.
B: Potential clients can take the initiative freely off their own volition.
B: No interaction with salespeople.

F: The report based on the answers which the user has given.
B: Nothing is contrived.
B: Potential clients then realise for themselves that they are missing out on additional profit opportunities.
B: The report will form the basis for a meaningful initial conversation to establish a common commercial interest.

F: Debrief with decision makers using Skype. B: Forms the basis of a meaningful & focused conversation.
B: No costly meetings.
B: Saves time & money.
B: Option to engage HBP to help with further onsite due diligence.

F: State of the art security & GDPR compliant.

F: There are no shortcuts, but there is a step by step process.

Easy to use

  • Commercially focused, peer-reviewed questions which any business owner or company director should be able to answer using simple point & click answer options.
  • The user can log in and out (with an autosave function) at any time should they need to pause to obtain accurate information, also enables other decision makers to take part.
  • One click to send when done.
  • After 30 seconds, the 2nd email with the link will be emailed to the user. The link shows interactive buttons which when clicked shows a brief report and a ‘dial’ type graphic displaying the percentage score.

Technical stuff

  • Work will soon start on a cloud-based solution accessed from our home page.
  • PHP & MySQL will be the preferred software platforms to minimise the cost of software licences and it will integrate well with our web site which has a PHP back end.
  • Dedicated secure server delivering rapid functionality.
  • The current version uses Microsoft Excel (2019 latest version). Users will be given a secure link to access a company-specific Excel file using HBP’s Microsoft Office 365 account. The user does not need to have Excel they use ours and it all operates via the Microsoft cloud which enables one of the most secure server platforms.
  • The Tool covers the following departments or work activities.

And there is more to come

  • Company-specific Directors and Senior Managers attend a one day Master Class at a leading University to learn how to complete a more comprehensive Hidden Profit Discovery Tool which we will call The Super Tool.
  • Delivered by the HBP team, University Lecturers and students.
  • The client agrees to a client project leader.
  • The client’s senior department heads complete their relevant sections of the Tool.
  • Project leader reviews then emails the completed Tool.
  • The results are reviewed by the HBP team, University Lecturers and students.
  • The client company receives a comprehensive de-brief via video link.
  • The client has the option to engage the HBP team, University Lecturers and students to capture the Hidden Profits identified from the Tool, then measure and sustain the improvements, in exchange for the students to use the work as their degree dissertation.

We can also design and build customised cloud-based client solutions

  • Customised cloud-based client qualification tools.
  • Customised cloud-based Risk Assessment Tools (aka RAT).
  • Robust security built in.
  • Option to integrate a powerful user a definable database with graphical interfaces and automated reports.
  • All without expensive software licenses using open source software.
  • Our clients will benefit significantly reduced costs. HBP took over two years of research and development, we now know how to create these high-end solutions in a very short amount of time.

Your next steps

  1. If you like what you have just read, we invite you to interrogate our website.
  2. CLICK HERE to send a message to request access to use our proprietary Hidden Profit Discovery Tool.
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