Hidden Profit Discovery Tool - Questions & Answers

Q: How long will it take to complete?
A: In our view, a Director should be able to answer all the questions within approximately 30 minutes. It may take longer if the user needs to access certain data to get the answers, this means that the Hidden Profit Discovery tool should be completed in the workplace.

Worst case scenario is that if it took 2-3 hours to complete and the report identified areas for profit improvement and the additional profits could be captured and sustained … isn’t that a worthwhile exercise?

Q: Why does it take so long to complete?
A: We have thought long and hard about which questions we could remove and still be able to produce a meaningful report.

What if you actually discovered areas that could produce additional profits, isn’t it worth taking some time to find out?

Q: How does the Hidden Profit Discovery Tool work?
A: It will work for any company of any size in any sector. It asks questions which decision makers may not have previously considered.

The Questions are broken down into departments or work activity. Each question has a multiple choice answer option which the users simply clicks to select. There is also and comments section underneath each question to insert a brief description of the answer. The user’s answers generate a short report by department or work activity with an overall score for all departments.

Q: Which departments or work activities does the Tool include?
A: 1. Emotional Intelligence assessment. 2. General Questions 3. Human Resources 4. Marketing. 5. Sales. 6. Customer Services. 7. Financial Reporting. 8. Optional Funding assessment. 9. Optional Turnaround Readiness. 10. Optional Manufacturing. 11. Optional Logistics. 12. Optional International Trade.

Q: Will this work for a small business?
A: It will work for an owner/driver type business, however, we need to speak the business owner/director prior to completing the Tool so we can explain how to complete their assessment by using the comments section.

Subject to demand, we will develop a “downgraded” version of our Hidden Profit Discovery Tool.

Q: Will this work for a startup?
A: Yes… providing the startup is intending to generate an annual turnover of in excess of £630k in year one.

Q: If you are saying it is so comprehensive, why are you giving this service free?
A: We make no secret of the fact that we will secure new clients that will need help to change their processes and the behaviour of their people who operate within these processes.

We must point out that we will not pester the users to request a de-brief on their report. Users have the option to request a de-brief.

The user can also use the free report to make the appropriate changes themselves. (as long as they have the skills to re structure processes and are experts at changing people’s behaviour for the better).

Q: You must be a big company and charge a lot of money for your services?
Please be advised that Hidden Business Profits will only take on a new client on the basis that we will deliver an acceptable return on their investment with us.

Q: How do I know if this will work for my company?
A: We both don’t know … but … what have you got to lose by completing it and request a no-cost, no-obligation de-brief on your report using Skype? After all, it’s free.

The worse that can happen is that you will know if your company is running like a well oiled machine … or not … as the case may be.

Q: I suspect you will want to sell whatever you are selling?
A: Our Hidden Profit Discovery Tool does NOT have any selling questions AND our intention is not to sell the user anything.

However … the report WILL discover if there are additional profits hiding in plain sight and we will help the user UNDERSTAND how to capture and sustain them.

It is the user that must decide if they need help and feel comfortable that we have had the appropriate TRAINING, developed the necessary SKILLS and gathered the relevant RESOURCES to help them capture and sustain these additional profits.

The report may or may not establish a common commercial interest.

Q: Do the questions in your Hidden Profit Discovery Tool form the entire due diligence process?
A: No … but … what the questions/answers will do is identify specific areas where additional profits are hiding in plain sight.

This always involves on-site due diligence.

Another benefit of the Tool is that the report will form the basis of a meaningful conversation about specific areas within your business that can potentially be changed for the better … without the need for an initial face to face meeting … this saves time & money.

Q: You must ask confidential and sometimes delicate questions?
A: Indeed, that is why the Tool is cloud based with roust security protocols and is fully compliant with the GDPR regulation.

Q: What happens if, during the optional review, the user has made a mistake with their answers?
A: The Tool has been designed to manually adjust the scoring in such events. 

Q: Could the user lie or be misleading with their answers?
A: It would be very difficult to fool the tool because all the various user answers are automatically assessed using proprietary algorithms. E.g. if the user selects yes to one question and no to other questions in other departments or work activities, the algorithms automatically adjust the scores accordingly and notifies us as the report is being produced.

If the user has requested a de-brief on their report using Skype, we can ask further questions to establish the correct answers, then manually adjust the scores. It is a pointless exercise to be misleading with answers.

Q: I suspect that some department managers may get upset if they produce a low score?
A: Please understand that we are here to help not criticise.

If one asks the question “is it within the company’s best interests to discover ways to improve?”We have previously experienced such negativity and are experts at changing people’s behaviour for the better, however, what we are not saying is that we win every time.

Psychometric Profiling will also help identify such individuals’ true characteristic traits in an attempt to change behaviour for the better.

Q: Can I have a demonstration to see what I am letting myself in for?
A: yes you can, all you need to do is click the "Can I have a demonstration first option" on our home page. 

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