HBP & BDC Moore Ltd Announce Strategic Alliance

Hidden Business Profits (HBP) is delighted to welcome BDC Moore Ltd to their network of Trusted External Resources.

HBP is 100% focused on helping any business of any size in any sector discover and capture the additional profits that are many times hiding in plain sight.

The relationship with BDC Moore will enable HBto help our clients improve their Export/Import processes and International Cultural Awareness.

BDC Moore have been helping to build International Relationships and translating them into Business Growth for over 20 years. It is not just about the language, it is also about the culture: to be heard and understood.

Meet Sirka as she explains her business model (click here).

The core activities of BDC Moore are:

Other Interdependent Services provided by our Network of Trusted External Resources:

The above integrates perfectly with HBP Deliverables:

For More Information please contact
Harry Le-Moine
Mobile: 07590 279395 Direct Line: 01772 426135 Email: (click here)

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