Reduce Marketing Costs Per Sale

If a business/company is not measuring the degree to which spending on marketing contributes to profits, (defined as ROI Marketing) it will be impossible to reduce marketing costs per sale.

The only way to reduce your marketing costs per sale is to start by knowing what it is right now before anything is changed.

We have created a new, proprietary Marketing & Sales KPI reporting app to quickly and easily establish the accurate marketing costs per sale by marketing source. 

If a sales process can be re-engineered to improve sales conversion ratios, by definition the marketing cost per sale will reduce. However, our Marketing KPI app can highlight marketing sources that deliver unacceptably high marketing costs per sale, which makes it easy to make decisions to stop spending on specific areas of marketing activity.

Conversely, decision-makers can now make an informed decision to increase marketing spend on specific marketing sources because they deliver a low marketing cost per sale. 

A good point to note is that composite analysis of marketing costs per sale by market sector can be misleading because IF one company deploys a sales process which delivers higher sales conversion ratios than other similar companies, THE DATA WILL BE FLAWED.

Definition of ROI Marketing: to measure the degree to which spending on marketing contributes to profits. 

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