Recruitment Training

How do I find & keep good people?

Our Managing Partner Harry Le-Moine has over 30 years experience in re-engineering recruitment processes and delivering recruitment training programmes that find and keep good people. 

Any recruitment process must be customised to the company and take into account factors such as heritage, job description, characteristic traits of the individual required, skill sets required or the potential to be trained to achieve the appropriate skill sets. Psychometric Profiling will add significant value to any recruitment process.

The cost of recruiting one wrong person can be significant, we make sure you will get it right.

We are also experts at training our clients to deliver ONE DAY mass recruitment campaigns. We have examples of up to 200 individuals going through our structured recruitment process in ONE DAY with an astonishingly low cost per recruit. Would you like to know more?


Let the quality of the candidate be determined by
your improved recruitment process


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