Psychometric Profiling

We prefer to use the term, Psychometric Profiling as opposed to Psychometric Testing because it is NOT a test, there are no right or wrong answers in our analysis process.

There are many different systems for psychometric profiling. We have chosen Thomas International because:

1. Our Managing Partner Harry Le-Moine started using the Thomas system in 1986 and went on to become extensively Thomas trained and certified.

2. The Thomas system is quick (10 mins for the individual to complete the assessment) and easy to use and delivers highly accurate results IF it is used according to the laws of Thomas.

3. In certain circumstances, we can use Skype to eliminate the need for on-site visits and significantly reduce costs. 

4. HBP does NOT use computer-generated written reports because in our view they are not as accurate as having a personal interaction with the individual being profiled before the report is produced. 

5. It is easy for us to train others to achieve a high level of competency.

Psychometric Profiling - ask for a no-cost live demonstration

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