Management Training

Are managers made or born?

Subject to certain identifiable parameters our philosophy is that they are made. 

We are experts at identifying potential and training managers to deliver advanced management core skills.

Everyone can learn something from someone at sometime and there are many core skills which any manager should learn and practice. 

Many years ago, the British Army ran a television recruitment campaign; the tagline was “IF YOU’VE GOT IN YOU, WE’LL BRING IT OUT”.

Our Management Development Programme works the same way.

We understand that we must start with a full an comprehensive Psychometric Profile Analysis (PPA) which allows us to gain a thorough understanding of each individual and importantly their management potential. 

We have written the book “Peak Performer – Developing the Cores Skills of Management and produced a 3 day masterclass which can be delivered in 3 days or split into segments over 12 weeks. Each master class must have a minimum of 20 delegates because there will be intensive group role plays, presentations and exams. It also comes with a guarantee of success or your money back providing each delegate passes our initial assessment process.

So if your managers have it in them, we’ll bring it out of them.