Key Performance Inidicators

KPI Definition: Specific, empirical results of performance against a target that has been measured from the sensitive areas of the business and used by management to determine probable future performance based on current fact.

• Must only measure elements of the business that can be controlled and/or changed. This means process and the people’s behaviour who operate within the process.

Should be used as a windscreen, not a rear view mirror. (speak to us to find out why).

HBP has created a series of proprietary KPI reporting apps that make the complex issue of KPI reporting into a simple and easy to use process. The following content initially appears to be lengthy, however, we have attempted to cover the main issues. We invite you to review this page in detail,  perhaps this will create a series of questions in your mind which we would be delighted to answer. 

We can even provide you with a no obligation live demonstration using a Skype video call with screen sharing. We must point out that in order to get the best out of our Marketing & Sales KPI app you will require a short training session, so it is perhaps better that you let us do the driving during the demonstration. 

To set this up, simply call us on 01772 426135 or us the contact button above.

We also developed a recruitment KPI app.

Our Marketing & Sales KPI Reporting App has 14 Features & 28 Benefits




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