Do you need customised, fully automated KPI Reporting Solutions?

HBP has created a series of proprietary KPI reporting apps that make the complex issue of KPI reporting into a simple and easy to use process.

Key Performance Indicators Definition:

Specific empirical results of performance within the process, or sensitive area of a business, which should achieve a realistic target or minimum standard or performance.

Can you give me an example so I understand KPI Reporting Solutions actually are?

A: Imagine a Sat Nav. How can a Sat Nav work if it doesn't know where you are? Obviously it can't.

Now imagine an easy to understand report that shows what happened during the previous weeks' work. This is only a small part of KPI Reporting Solutions can do, the content shown below will fully explain. 

Why should I use KPI Reporting Solutions?

A: As long as your measures measure up, you will know exactly where your business is and know how to plan changes for the better.

Which department should use KPI Reporting Solutions?

A: We say that all departments should have specific processes or that deliver best practice. That being the case every process in every department MUST be measured if you want to discover addition profits.


What is the Definition of Best Practice?

A structured process to make things happen the right way on each and every occasion.

What should KPIs Measure?

Must only measure elements of the business that can be controlled and/or changed. This means the process and the people’s behaviour who operate within the process.

Should be used as a windscreen, not a rear view mirror. (speak to us to find out why).

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