How Do I Turnaround my Business?

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Business Turnaround Definition

The strategy, planning and execution of a successful plan that transforms a financially struggling business or company into a robust, successful and profitable one.

We also know that the key to delivering a successful Turnaround is to understand the business very quickly, it’s processes, the behaviour of stakeholders and acting decisively.

Does you company require funding? ... If your deal is fundable ... we have the answer

Following the UK Banking crisis in 2008, it is a well known fact that it has become increasingly difficult businesses to secure funding for turnaround. We are also aware that it is a lonely place on the bridge, especially when steering a business through stormy waters.

We ask that you keep calm because now you have a potentially viable option and we ask that you review our process below in our attempt to help solve your problems.

For some companies, who might be in financial trouble, there is a sound core future business opportunity available if the company can stabilise creditors, source appropriate and supportive investment or funding and restructure the business operations.

We understand that there is a lot of confusion about what Turnarounds actually are, how they are conducted and who is suitable to deliver them.

Step 1:

Check out our credentials, by reviewing our cases studies below.

We have formed a Strategic Alliance with Williams & Co (click to read more) who, like ourselves, have significant experience of securing funding for business turnaround and financial restructuring.

Step 2:

Pick up the phone and call us. Our conversation will be in the strictest of confidence, and you will be pleased to know we act fast.

Step 3:

We will explain why we have developed a proprietary, no cost no obligation Business Turnaround - Client Discovery Tool where we ask you a series of questions with point and click answer options. This will significantly help us speed up our discovery and due diligence process because it eliminates the need for an initial first meeting. The only limiting time factor is how quickly you answer the questions. (No scheduling meetings, no long haul drives, zero cost).

After we have reviewed your report and the information requested we can have the initial meeting using our secure video link to discuss your challenges and agree the next steps.

Business Turnaround - why choose us for help?

  • There is no charge for the first stage of our discovery and due diligence, so you have absolutely nothing to lose by contacting us.
  • If your deal is fundable, we will get you the appropriate funding fast. We have access to over 150 different funding sources; every deal is different and different funders have specific preferences.
  • We know how to identify the most appropriate method of finance.
  • We know the right people in the right places.
  • We know what those funders want and need to provide financing.
  • And we will only take you on as a client where we can justify an acceptable return on your investment with us.
  • You have the option to engage both Williams & Co and HBP to help maximise the funding and change whatever is required within your business for the better to ensure you move forward, confident that you can achieve the ambitions and aspirations which you have for your business.
  • You may not require funding to turnaround your business, and if this turns out to be the case, we will explain how this can be realistically achieved, what will be involved and the potential return on your investment with ourselves.
  • If your proposal is not fundable, we will advise you accordingly, so you can stop worrying. Please understand we don’t have a crystal ball, however, we will always be straight with you