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We Can Help

  • Are you frustrated by not being able to identify the right funding source?
  • Do you keep being asked to send details & can't speak with a decision maker?
  • Is your quest to secure funding taking too long?

Not to worry, if your deal is fundable, we have the answer

Business Finance what we do

HBP & Williams & Co have formed a strategic alliance (click to read more)  to become a team of highly experienced professional funding experts that understand how to help small and medium sized companies (SMEs) secure funding from £50k - £50m. We also have a profound understanding of why companies/deals fail to secure funding, so we know how to get it right first time.

Success is the end product of ensuring our client has the right plan, processes and people in place to ensure the potential funder says yes because everything stacks up, including the numbers. Our job is to identify if you have black holes in your plan, processes and people and ensure that they are plugged, then are groomed to be good to go at a moments notice.

We have access to over 180 different funding sources; every deal is different and different funders have specific preferences which means that once we understand your deal, we can identify the best funding source very quickly.

Business Finance why chose us for help?

  • There is no charge for the first stage of our discovery and due diligence, so you have absolutely nothing to lose by contacting us.
  • If your deal is fundable, we will identify the appropriate funding source fast. We have access to over 180 different funding sources; every deal is different and different funders have specific preferences.
  • Our network of funders like and respect us because they know we do not make any approaches until our clients have passed our discovery and due diligence process and we have all the appropriate information and documentation already in place, which means that we can open doors which others can’t.
  • We have developed a proprietary, no cost no obligation online Potential Client Discovery Tool where we ask you a series of questions with point and click answer options that enables us to quickly compile a brief report so we can agree on the next steps. This will significantly help us speed up the first stage of our unique discovery and due diligence process because it eliminates the need for an initial first meeting. The only limiting time factor is how quickly you answer our questions. (No scheduling meetings, no long haul drives, zero cost).
  • We know how to source the most appropriate method of funding.
  • We know the right people in the right places.
  • We know what specific funders need in order to provide funding.

Securing business finance or business funding couldn't be easier, please review the steps below

Step 1:

Check out our credentials by reviewing our cases studies below and review our testimonials (click here).

Step 2:

Pick up the phone and call us, our conversation will be in the strictest of confidence, and you will be pleased to know we act fast.

The object of this exercise is to enable us both to get to know each other in a relaxed and professional environment.

We will also explain our responsibility to you the client and your responsibilities to us.

We know from experience what kills deals, (find out more).

Step 3:

Complete our Hidden Profit Discovery Tool.

This helps us to fully understand your business.

We produce a short report and de-brief you and your team of decision makers on your report using a video link. We may need to ask more questions.

At this point, if you like the cut of our ‘jib’ and we like yours, we will explain what happens next, our fee structure and estimated timescales.

Please understand that there are no shortcuts
and we will always give you the facts
using a no-nonsense approach




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