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Since 1994, my experienced team and I can help any business, of any size, in any sector discover their hidden profits, then customise and implement sustainable processes and solutions to retain them. 

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Hidden Business Profits - why we are different

Discover Measure Customise Implement Measure Sustain

DIAGNOSIS: We start with our robust discovery & due diligence process, using our proprietary cloud-based Hidden Profit Discovery Tool.

PROGNOSIS: We then discuss specific areas of potential profit improvement identified using our diagnosis process.

All of the above is free and without obligation. 

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Hidden Business Profits - what do we measure?

Before and After Performance

We act as our client's 3rd eye to measure everything that must be measured, to make sure their measures, measure up. (find out more)

Hidden Business Profits - what services do we offer?

Everything that helps our clients to discover, capture and sustrain additional profits.

We focus on the skills shown in Deliverables (find out more).

In cases where additional expertise and skills are required, we involve our network of Trusted External Resources (find out more).

Harry Le-Moine - a brief biography

Harry Le-Moine, a former Police Officer with Lancashire Constabulary, also a Physical Training Instructor, Outdoor Pursuits Instructor, International Swimming Champion and Life Saving Examiner, (retired 1972 following a nonblameworthy car accident) has over 22 years in the retail motor trade culminating as a Director with Nissan UK Ltd.

He founded HLM Consulting in 1994 and subsequently re-branded to Hidden Business Profits (HBP). Amongst the many companies he has worked with to discover the hidden profits were: Atlantique Capital Investment Banking Group Inc, Seattle, DataSafe Worldwide PLC, Manchester, he became a founding director and shareholder of the Internet World Broadcasting Corporation Inc (IWBC), Seattle. He headed the IWBC due diligence team which in 1995 rejected an opportunity to join the original Microsoft Network, Gates subsequently concurred he had his Internet Strategy wrong some two months later.

Harry personally raised significant private equity for numerous high technology early stage companies in the US and lectured extensively in the US on the Internet and Business Development Strategy since 1995. He was credited with an MSc in Business Management, Univ. of Puget Sound, WA, USA, in 1997, He has also been featured on live U.S. PBS Television, appearing with Graham Kerr the Galloping Gourmet, profiled the top 5 Public Relations agencies for a client in the U.S, has published over 40 business development related articles and was commissioned by a UK client to write a book entitled Peak Performer – Developing the Core Skills of Management.

Le-Moine is a fully trained and licensed psychometrician who uses the DiSC Profiling system. He has profiled thousands of individuals operating in a wide cross-section of market sectors and work environments. As a direct result, he has created additional information and assessment resources to enhance interpretations.

Since returning to the U.K. Le-Moine has worked with a companies such as Concept Automotive (turnover increased from £180m to £365m in 5 years, subsequently sold to Interleasing a subsidiary of GE Capital), Great British Holiday Parks (increasing gross profit by £2.5m within 12 months, subsequently sold to Park Resorts), DAF Trucks, Churchill’s Stair Lifts Plc and ALD Automotive (subsidiary of Credit Lyonnais) to discover and capture their hidden profits.

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